Matt Farrington Smith - Content editor, Windows Live Channel
26/03/2010 10:51 | By Matt Farrington Smith - Content editor, Windows Live Channel
Biggest e-mail bloopers

Wrong address

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Incorrectly addressed e-mail

What would do if you received an e-mail but it was clear that you weren't the intended recipient? Our natural inclination would be to open the e-mail and greedily devour its contents.

Don't make headline news by sending your boss an inappropriate e-mail or share your saucy escapades with the world. Read about those less fortunate than yourself in these examples of embarrassing e-mail.

How can you avoid making this pitfall? Some experts recommend composing your e-mail first and adding the address last. This is a similar method used by many writers to catch spelling errors; instead of reading left to right, try reading right to left. Above all else, the process of reading backwards helps build your mental endurance and concentration.


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