Matt Farrington Smith - Content editor, Windows Live Channel
26/03/2010 10:51 | By Matt Farrington Smith - Content editor, Windows Live Channel
Biggest e-mail bloopers

Beware the 'Reply All'

Take care to address your e-mail carefully - beware the reply-all command!
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Beware the 'Reply All'

Office workers are all familiar with the Friday afternoon slump, the 'hilarious' e-mail forwards and inevitable pub-invite. Cue inbox insanity as countless carbon-copy replies litter your precious storage space. The obvious upside of the reply-all is the ability to vet which of your esteemed colleagues are coming (pay particular attention to leave off the creepy guy that sits in the corner next time). 

However, handle the reply-all with care as it can irk even the most hardened of e-mail addicts. When (or if) you absolutely must respond, why not remove all previous  recipients from the message header? Retaining previous contacts is unnecessary and transforms your prose into something more akin to 'War and Peace' rather than an e-mail.


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