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23/08/2010 16:29 | By Nick Peers, contributor, The Official Windows Magazine
Watch and record TV with Windows 7

Set up signal

Set up your signal (© Windows Magazine)
  • Set up your signal (© Windows Magazine)
  • Set regional settings (© Windows Magazine)
  • Scan for channel (© Windows Magazine)
  • Watch and pause (© Windows Magazine)
  • View TV guide (© Windows Magazine)
  • Record TV (© Windows Magazine)
  • Manage recordings (© Windows Magazine)
  • TV mastered! (© Windows Magazine)
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Open Windows Media Center (click Start, All Programs, Windows Media Center).

If you've not yet set up your PC to watch TV, click 'Settings' under Tasks, then click 'TV' followed by 'TV Signal'. Click 'Set Up TV Signal' and click 'Yes' if any warning boxes appear on your screen.

This guide was first published in the Official Windows Magazine, May 2010 issue from Future Publishing.
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