Matt Farrington-Smith
22/06/2011 16:57 | By Matt Farrington-Smith, editor, MSN Tech & Gadgets
9 things you need to know about IE9

It dresses to kill

Internet Explorer 9 sports an altogether sleeker look. (© Microsoft)
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Sleek design

Internet Explorer 9 keeps it simple and benefits from an altogether sleeker appearance; install the new browser and your viewing space won't be taken up by new toolbars. If you installed any previously they can be quickly disabled.

IE9 has raided the wardrobes of its contemporaries and come away dressed in the colours of 2011. One of IE9's main thrusts is to strip away the flounce that adorns browsers the web over - there's now masses of space that's solely given over to showcasing websites themselves. So striking is this change, you'll wonder where all this added extra space came from.


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