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World's Biggest Pac-Man

World's Biggest Pac-Man (© Namco Bandai, MSN)
  • World's Biggest Pac-Man (© Namco Bandai, MSN)
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World's Biggest Pac-Man

Pac-Man needs no introduction... the dot-chomping, ghost-busting, little yellow terror, has been a popular cultural icon for 30 years. He is currently enjoying something of a resurgence thanks to an HTML5 version of Pac-Man made especially for Internet Explorer 9.

The World's Biggest Pac-Man uses HTML5 to showcase literally thousands of user-created mazes as one continuous whole. Drop in and out of the maze of your choice and compete against other countries to be the ultimate Pac-Man champions (the United States is currently leading, with the United Kingdom trailing Spain at four. Boo hiss!) To date, players have munched through 168927903 Pac-Dots, 924263 lives have been lost and an astonishing 1539970 mazes have been played.

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