16/05/2012 16:35 | By Matt Farrington-Smith, editor, MSN Tech & Gadgets

Is this the cheapest PC money can buy?

Now it's even easier to get online at home thanks to the Microsoft-backed 'Get Online @ Home' scheme.

Last year MSN supported the 'Give an Hour 2011' campaign which aimed to get the 8.7 million adults in the UK (who have never been online) on to the internet before the London 2012 Olympics.

A stock image of a PC. Your computer will be similar to the one shown in the photograph.

Your computer will differ to the one shown in the photograph.

According to Ofcom's April 2011 Media Literacy report, around 30% of low income families are still not online at home. The cost of computers is a major barrier to uptake along with ease of use. Get Online @ Home is designed to help towards solving this issue, and the initiative is backed by a host of UK providers including Microsoft and TalkTalk.

For a limited time only you can buy a reconditioned Windows 7 PC with 12 months of fast, reliable broadband for as little as £49.

Buying your first computer

Getting to grips with the internet doesn't have to be expensive. Whether you need a computer for yourself, another family member or a loved one, the best place to get your first (affordable) internet ready computer is on the Get Online @ Home website.

"I had to wind it up at the back" - Cyril on his first computer.

For a fraction of the cost of a new computer you can pick up a well-specced, refurbished computer, complete with necessary software (like Windows 7). This budget PC has been specially designed to do all the basics VERY well, it comes internet ready and also ships with a space saving flatscreen monitor.

Accessories such as keyboard and mouse are included, plus a 30 day warranty, telephone helpline and a friendly "Quick Start" booklet.

Take advantage of the limited offer and buy a PC for £99 [£49 to those on benefits] or a reconditioned Window 7 laptop with 12 months fast, reliable broadband for £149 [£119 to those on benefits], when taken with TalkTalk Essentials Broadband and Phone at an exclusive price of just £5/month.

Your computer will come with everything you need to get online. Image PA

Your computer will come with everything you need to get online.

What's in the box

Your computer comes with a set-up package to help you get started and resources to provide on-going support and assurance you can depend on. A friendly "Quick Start Guide" and diagram will guide you through any tricky computer connections.

Initial warranty is included - this provides 30 day "return to base" support (there is an option to extend this if required) and access to a telephone helpline is given (9am - 5.30pm Monday to Friday).

Handy back-up copies of Microsoft software are also provided.

Why go online?

For the uninitiated (and offline) there are many reasons to get connected and jump online.

Being online makes it easier to stay in touch with friends and family - if loved ones are on the other side of the world try communicating via email, Skype, instant messaging, or Facebook. Living your life online will also save you money; do your shopping, pay your bills and get the best deals.

Read Cyril's tale and see how a computer turned his life around.

For some people the internet can make life easier in other ways. Cyril was forced by injury to give up his job as a bricklayer, however not wanting to remain unemployed set about retraining as an NVQ assessor. He soon realised he was going to need a computer if he were to stand any sort of chance...

Cyril wasn't completely new to computers. He'd once had an old one, "I had to wind it up at the back, " he jokes. That one, though, died, and he couldn't afford to replace it. Cyril's taught himself the skills he needs to use the computer. "I wouldn't have minded a book on it," he says. "But with Windows 7 the computer tells you how to do it."

Buy your first PC: Get Online @ Home
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