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Microsoft preview Windows on ARM

New versions of Office shown, Zune and Xbox LIVE appear in Windows on ARM.

A preview video demonstrating Windows 8 on ARM has been made available on the excellent Building Windows 8 engineering blog. Read the full blog entry and watch the video here.

Microsoft preview Windows on ARM. Image Microsoft

What is ARM/Windows on ARM?

Windows on ARM, or WOA, is a new member of the Windows family that builds on the foundation of Windows.

An ARM processor/chip can be found in consumer electronic devices with smaller form-factors such as mobile phones, multimedia players, pocket calculators and PDAs (personal digital assistants).

Microsoft previews this particular version of Windows 8 in the previously referenced blog entry.

Notable spots from the video:

  • There are apps for Mail, Calendar, Photo, Contacts and Storage. There is also an app to manage connections across cloud services (SkyDrive et al).
  • In the Store, there are icons for Zune Music and Zune Video under the 'Music & Video' category.

Zune and Xbox LIVE in Windows 8. Image Microsoft

Windows on ARM has icons for both Xbox LIVE and Zune.

  • There is a placeholder for Xbox LIVE on Windows, plus an icon for the Xbox Companion app (as found on Windows Phone).
  • Still in the Store we can see a section headed 'Books & reference', along with icons representing fiction, non-fiction, kids, e-reader and more.

A new version of Microsoft Office will be present in Windows on ARM. Image Microsoft

A new version of Microsoft Office (Office 15) will be included.

  • Redesigned versions of Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote are given a brief preview.

Here is what the Building Windows 8 blog has to say about Office: "Windows on ARM includes desktop versions of the new Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. These new Office applications, codenamed "Office 15", have been significantly architected for both touch and minimized power/resource consumption, while also being fully-featured for consumers and providing complete document compatibility."

Office as seen in Windows on ARM. Image Microsoft

Creating a document in the next version of Microsoft Office.

  • The Photos app provides you with one view into all of your photos (from PC to cloud services).

What's next?

Keep your eyes peeled for additional updates as we head closer to the "late February" Windows 8 Consumer Preview. What else can we expect to see?

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