23/04/2012 15:57 | By Matt Farrington-Smith, editor, MSN Tech & Gadgets

Microsoft updates SkyDrive to include 300MB web uploads, ODF support & more

SkyDrive rolls out a number of small updates: 300MB file uploads, short URL's for posting to Twitter and ODF support.

Windows Live SkyDrive is Microsoft's online document storage and file sharing service - and it's completely free.

Microsoft has announced a few upgrades to its SkyDrive web service via a document posted using the Office Web Apps experience.

SkyDrive gets updated with a handful of new features. Image MSN

SkyDrive now supports ODF

Open Document Format for Office Applications (ODF for short), is a file format used in free office suites as well as
Microsoft Office.

Users can now upload and edit OpenDocuments using the SkyDrive in their browser. Documents will be editable in the Microsoft Word Web App in the same fashion as documents with other file extensions.

300MB file uploads

SkyDrive users are now able to upload files up to a maximum size of 300MB using SkyDrive's web-based interface. Previously file uploads were capped at 100MB.

Microsoft's SkyDrive app for Windows Phone has also received an update.

Windows Phone SkyDrive app updated to V2.0

To coincide with these updates the SkyDrive Windows Phone app has also been upgraded to V2.0. This update brings some new flourishes to the UI design and enables Windows Phone users to take advantage of short URLs when posting photos on Twitter.

The SkyDrive app uses the following short URL (sdrv.ms) for sharing Windows Phone images via Twitter. Another addition to the app is the multi-select tool (for selecting more than one file or folder) and moving/deleting as you see fit.

Download Windows Phone SkyDrive app from the Marketplace

SKYCMD was a practical joke that aped the DOS of old.

And finally: DOS returns (sort of)

Eagle-eyed users may have noticed that DOS (the beloved interface from computing days of yore) was briefly given a respite thanks to a blink-and-you'll-miss-it practical joke.

The website apes the DOS interface right down to using classic DOS syntax to easily navigate your file hierarchy. Try out familiar commands like "dir" and "cd" to see what you can achieve before the site disappears for good.

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