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22/07/2011 15:41 | By Matt Farrington-Smith, editor, MSN Tech & Gadgets

New Bing experience on Android

Take a look at the new Bing search experience on your Android handset.

The latest updates to Bing for mobile ( have brought Bing's rich visual design and smart search tools to Android. Take a look at what's included in the beta below.

Bing has been updated for Android. Bing on the Samsung Galaxy S II. Image MSN

Like its PC equivalent the homepage shows Bing's inspiring daily image and hotspots, and from here users can now easily navigate to maps and directions, local information, and image search. Searching now brings up autosuggest search suggestions and recent search terms in the search bar dropdown. With these improvements, Bing helps users easily get back to their recent searches, see what's popular, and find the right query and get to desired results faster.

Improved map views

A new feature is the maps/list split view that lets you see a list of places or directions and the corresponding map in a single view. The map updates as you scroll through the list, so there's no toggling back and forth. As a bonus, the new Bing London Journey Planner is now available on mobile devices, which makes visual planning for journeys by tube, bus and walking within Greater London even easier.

Sharing search results

Bing for mobile integrates sharing features so that you don't have to save pages or send them later. Users can easily share images and local business detail pages with their friends by clicking on the 'Share on Facebook' option. This comes in especially handy when trying to whittle down the choices for that Friday night watering hole...

Bing local search results on Samsung Galaxy S II. Image MSN

Local search

One of the most impressive features of the new Bing experience is the 'local' functionality. By enabling your phone to pinpoint your location you can select from a huge range of local businesses, attractions and services.

Want to find a local restaurant? You can do that. Plus Bing will allow you to drill down a lengthy list of cuisine options so you end up eating exactly what you wanted. Just arrived in town and need to find a hotel in a hurry? Bing can do that too. Want to check out what the local nightlife is like? This too is possible.

Give it a go yourself and see what Bing can come up with - we think you'll find the results pleasantly surprising.

How do I access it again?

Just tap into your Android browser. To begin a search just tap the search bar or use the touch interface to scroll through the many other options available to enrich your search experience.

Send Bing your feedback

Bing for Android is currently in beta, try it out today and let the Bing team know what you think. There's an option on the site itself to leave feedback - just click the 'Settings' link, then 'send feedback'.

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