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Outlook.com - what the web is saying

What do the experts think of Microsoft's attempt to refresh and revamp their popular Hotmail email service? We round-up some of the strongest reviews and opinions

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What do people make of Outlook.com?

60 million people may have flocked to upgrade to the new Outlook.com email service, but what do those in the know make of Microsoft's stab at a modern email experience?

Engadget - Outlook.com is gorgeous, intuitive, feature-rich

"Manages to feel even more calming than Gmail, which is no small feat, given how Google has taken pains in recent months to pare down the UI."

CNET - Outlook.com has enough to compete with the big guns

"Its competitors will no doubt respond, but for now Microsoft has given us something new. In technology, and more importantly in e-mail, that's a great first step."

The Telegraph - Unlike Google, it doesn't sell information to advertisers

"Microsoft is hoping that users who are already familiar with the popular Outlook programme and web application will be keen to use a cleaner looking interface than those used by Google and Yahoo."

PC Mag - Combines minimal metro style with excellent inbox tools and speed

"Outlook.com, even in its current preview status, is good enough to take the crown from our existing Editors' Choice, Windows Live Hotmail." [4 stars]

Tecca - There really is no reason not to upgrade at this point

"Hotmail users obviously have nothing to lose and everything to gain by switching... As a devout Gmail user, however, Outlook.com's current set of features isn't compelling enough for me -- it will take a lot more for Microsoft to get me to jump ship."

Mashable.com - Superior to Gmail in many ways

"Once you get past the layout, though, it becomes pretty clear that the general business of sending and receiving is pretty much the same... I also admire Microsoft's moxie in throwing out both the Hotmail name and the existing business model."

PC Authority - Appears to be a highly powerful webmail client

"Outlook.com sports a good looking interface... It has also already been a massive success, with Microsoft tweeting that there have been 1 million signups since last night's unveiling. Of course, with webmail these numbers are hard to rectify with actual user numbers, as a lot of those signups will be people jumping onto the site in order to reserve the best email addresses."

PC Pro - Outlook switch leaves Hotmail users open to cyber squatting

"Outlook.com features the Metro-style design from Windows 8, with blocks for folders that change colour when a mouse cursor hovers over them - clearly designed to make it easier to select folders using a tablet or other touchscreen device."

The Verge - If you long for a professional looking, cleaner user interface then this is definitely for you

"Aside from the look and feel, future Skype integration, and improved contact management, Outlook.com isn't a drastic change from what's already available in Hotmail."

Wired - It's clear that Microsoft is serious about giving users an improved email experience

"If you're looking for that 'new car experience' with webmail, then Outlook.com is going to be a great choice... Just as Gmail did eight years ago, Microsoft wants Outlook.com to be the go-to webmail for everyone who is tired of cluttered inboxes and wants a fresh start."

All Things Digital - Looks elegant and has a remarkably user-friendly interface

"Outlook.com doesn't have a smart way of automatically sorting important emails, like Google's Gmail Priority Inbox, which is my favorite feature in Gmail."

Now we've heard from the tech press, what do you think of the Hotmail replacement? Tell us in the comments below.

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