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Windows Phone - what the web is saying

What do the experts really think of Windows Phone? We've rounded up some of the best reviews and opinions.

Nokia Lumia 800 - Nokia's first Windows Phone. Image Nokia

One of the more recent Windows Phone
handsets - the Nokia Lumia 800.

We've compiled a collection of quotes, taken from reviews and opinions about Windows Phone from across the web.

Forbes - Microsoft and Windows Phone Partners Declare Mobile War

"Microsoft is staking a lot on its very different user interface. The live-tile design is strikingly different from the icon-based environment we find on Android devices and the iPhone. ...Only time will tell. But for consumers, the entrance of a third major competitor would be only good news."

Wired - Why Windows Phones Are the Most ExcitingHandsets at CES

"Headlines like 'Why Windows Phone is Making Waves at CES' and 'How Nokia's Lumia 900 Windows Phone Won CES Before It Even Started' are key indicators of the excitement surrounding Windows Phone's big leap into relevance in the smartphone market. Before the show even started, Nokia's next-gen Lumia handset, in particular, was on the receiving end of a tremendous amount of anticipation and praise. And for good reason."

The New York Times - The Critics Rave ... for Microsoft?

"Microsoft actually has a hit, at least with the technorati. It's cellphone software called Windows Phone -- and they need it to be a blockbuster here at Microsoft Central."

Gizmodo - The Next Windows Phone: It's Pretty Great

"Pending some killer Nokia hardware or radical Android redesign, I think the choice this fall for all but the nerdiest of nerds is going to be very simple. iPhone or Windows Phone. Nothing else is that pleasant."

The Independent- puts Nokia back in the smartphone game with a vengeance

"The software looks beautiful throughout - where Android can seem scrappy or hit-and-miss at best, Microsoft has designed something with greater class and elegance than the company's ever done... Absolutely as usable and appealing as the iPhone's iOS, but takes a mental shift to appreciate it."

Gizmodo - This. I would rather have this than an iPhone

"According to our hands on, the camera sparkles, the phone feels great in hand and pocket alike. It's enjoyable to have and to use. All the intangibles seem, at least at first blush, pretty darn wonderful." [4 stars]

The Telegraph - Windows Phone is the best thing Microsoft makes

"The Lumia 800 finally makes Windows Phone good enough to compete for early adopters' attentions. But in truth that is not where Nokia or Microsoft is aiming - they want regular, mid-market upgraders to think Nokia is a good choice. They're right, for the first time in years." [4 stars]

Know Your Mobile - Nokia has really impressed us

"There's no denying Nokia has crafted a fantastic handset and one that can stand up to the iPhone... To not give it a chance is a great shame, as the pros really do outweigh the cons."

Slash Gear - Nokia is off to a very strong start

"There's plenty to like about the Lumia 800. We've been begging for a different OS on Nokia hardware for more than a year now, and the first results of that change don't disappoint. A brilliant camera and compelling design, paired with a usable and clever platform."

T3 - the first Windows Phone 7 device to rival the likes of the Android powerhouses in terms of high-performance specs

"Looking like an all-round strong handset offering, the Nokia Lumia 800 is on track to become the first Windows Phone 7 device to bother the smartphone market leaders."

CNET UK - Nokia's Lumia 800 is a big deal

"The Lumia 800 is a slick and engaging smart phone and its Windows Phone software has excellent social media integration... The curved edges arguably make it more comfortable to hold than the more angular iPhone 4S." [4 stars]

Engadget - hard to contemplate the overall beauty of this device without getting emotional

"Nokia's Lumia 800 is a sophisticated and capable smartphone that melds its hardware beautifully with the Windows Phone OS... The convex Gorilla Glass screen flaunts some of the best workmanship we've ever seen on a mobile device."

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