21/09/2012 12:24 | By Adam Hartley, contributor, MSN Tech & Gadgets
Apple iPhone 5: the view from the queue

Bonkers! In! Hanover! Square!

Bonkers! In! Hanover! Square! (© Adam Hartley)
  • Bonkers! In! Hanover! Square! (© Adam Hartley)
  • There’s a mouse in the iHouse (© Adam Hartley)
  • Sohaib is back again! (© Adam Hartley)
  • The first fella in the queue (© Adam Hartley)
  • The man in the dark black suit (© Adam Hartley)
  • The view from the befuddled onlooker (© Adam Hartley)
  • The iPhone 5 is cheaper in the UK (© Adam Hartley)
  • A local businessman is staggered (© Adam Hartley)
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MSN UK's roving reporter Adam Hartley takes the pulse of those queuing for Apple's flagship smartphone.

Should you have happened to be walking along Regent Street or across Hanover Square in London’s West End at 6am this morning, you would have seen something truly remarkable and bonkers. The (usually sleepy) early Friday morning scene was disrupted by thousands of eager Apple fans, many of who had been queuing for days, patiently waiting to get their sweaty mitts on the new iPhone 5.

We captured a number of these eager Apple customers to find out what the big deal was about the new iPhone 5. Is Apple Maps a flop? Will a bigger screen really make their lives measurably better? Do they even care about the speedier new A6 processor? And, most importantly, what the hell had encouraged them to spend days and nights camped out in the autumnal chill of crime-ridden West One?


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