26/09/2012 15:44 | By Rob Clymo, contributor, MSN Tech & Gadgets
Best gadgets for boosting your smartphone camera


TiltPod (© Rob Clymo)
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Smartphones are getting better all the time, but one area that's always been a little bit of a bugbear with owners is the quality of the built-in camera. However, inventive third-party manufacturers have been quick to come up with their own solution to this particular snapping quandary. Right now there are oodles of accessories and add-ons that can give your handset some added oomph in the shooting department.

So, if you're looking to squeeze a stack of extra picture power from your pride and joy, then it's possible to nail on everything from macro lenses through to clips, brackets and dollies for shooting movies in high-definition.
Here's how to turn your humble handset into a photographic powerhouse with these cool new add-on accessories.

This is one of those incredibly simple but effective ideas that will prove invaluable if you want great shots, but need to travel light. The TiltPod is essentially a pocket tripod, which features a tilt-able stand that can be kept safe by attaching it to a keychain. There's a grippy base for attaching your phone in a landscape or portrait position and a practical multi-positional magnetic ball head mount too.


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