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Cool concept phones

Cool concept phones - Nokia Lumia X

Nokia Lumia X (© concept-phones.com / Johnny)
  • Nokia Lumia X (© concept-phones.com / Johnny)
  • UFO Phone (© Yanko Design / Jeong Jaewan)
  • Facebook Phone (© Yanko Design / Michal Bonikowski)
  • Window Phone (© Yanko Design / Seunghan Song)
  • Smartphone TWO (© Yanko Design / Roberto Corazza)
  • Space 3 (© Yanko Design / Wenhing Chu & Kok Keong Wong)
  • Samsung B&O Phone (© Yanko Design / Antoine Brieux of NAK Studio)
  • Project Modai (© Yanko Design / Julius Tarng)
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Nokia Lumia X

There are plenty of eye-catching concept phones floating around the internet. Some of them simply look gorgeous, while others include futuristic tech like nanoparticles. The latest design to cause a stir online is the Nokia Lumia X, a striking phone that features a swivelling 8MP camera unit at its base.

According to 'Johnny', the anonymous source who sent the image to concept-phones.com, it's a real Windows Phone 8 device that will be realised later this year. A claim which begs the response: chinny reckon.

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