04/11/2011 16:44 | By Verity Burns, editor, MSN Tech & Gadgets
New Motorola Xoom 2 tablets - what you need to know

Made for portrait reading

Motorola Xoom (© Motorola)
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The Media Edition is designed to be used in a portrait position, to read ebooks and the like - but of course can be used in landscape too. The display has been optimised for wide viewing angles that make it great for watching video with friends.

So how long before Apple start finding patent violations and wrap this one up in red tape?
05/11/2011 22:37
Well, it's thinner, lighter, quicker and cheaper than the iPad 2 is, so it should be the product of choice, and is likely to be amongst techies.

However, Apple's marketing means that they have a more known brand and probably a more dedicated fanbase, so the iPad 2 is likely to garner more sales nonetheless.
08/03/2012 23:30

This looks interesting!  I have IPad 2, I love it  to bits!

However this has aero it seems.

This has a good price also.


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