26/10/2011 16:58 | By Nik Taylor, editor, MSN Tech & Gadgets
New Nokia Lumia Windows Phones - in pictures

Nokia Lumia 800

Nokia Lumia 800 (© Nokia)
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Nokia has formally unveiled its first two Windows Phone smartphones. Take a closer look at the Lumia 800 and the Lumia 710.

The Lumia 800 is Nokia's flagship Windows Phone smartphone - a direct competitor to the likes of Apple's iPhone 4S and the Samsung Galaxy S II.

Core features:
Display: 3.7-inch WVGA (800x480) AMOLED curved screen
Processor: Single-core 1.4GHz
Camera: Eight-megapixel with Carl Zeiss optics and an LED flash
Operating system: Windows Phone 7.5

27/10/2011 18:32

Here we go again.....


I'll tell you guys what i use is a simple Nokia 6210. Which makes a call and i receive a call. And sends me the odd TxT.


I've dropped it, Stood on it, Done absolute everything. And still works like a charm.


That's all you need......


An absolute waste of money, Better of spending the same money on your kids or spend it on something wise.


Sorry folks but that's my opinion. disagree it's upto you



27/10/2011 12:47

Ok, I'm a dinosaur and dinosaurs don't need to carry the latest phone with cutting edge technology because in my daily boring day I am to busy working to use one and at home I have my trusty old desktop PC. I don't need a camera in my phone, I don't need to access the internet every 20 mins to post or answer rubbish on Facebook (I do that at night) and i dont need access to contact everyone to say I'm sick of the rainy weather!


Come on admit it, for most people these things are just toys, no one really needs them, few use them to their full potential AND it is a status symbol to have the best and most up to date phone.


Of course, in my dinosaur days we used to tittle tattle about the weather for polite conversation, now it's which phone you have and what it does.


My ol Nokia is 7 years old, i can use it to phone people and text them, it has a wee camera which I've never found it essential to use.  It's cost me only £10/year excluding calls over that time AND it's so OLD that it has become quite a conversation piece when i flash when i use it.


Few now have phones as unique as mine. Seemples


Long live the dinosaurs! <G>

27/10/2011 13:45

I have a Nokia....its old, its just a phone, it sends and receives calls and texts. It has a reminder and an alarm.....what more do I need????? I dont annoy folks with it. If, a big IF, I use it in public its always cos the train/bus/plane is running late!! And I dont shout on the phone but speak into it as though the person I am talking to is near to me. I am mean with my landline....as I get free calls after 6......most of my friends etc etc dont hang about all day waiting for a phone to ring!


I communicate with email and facebook as well.


But my best communication is on a personal level......meeting up, going out, and enjoying ourselves!


I think todays youth dont really have PROPER friends....how can anyone have over a 1000 friends on Facebook???


Most of it is all a load of whatever word you would like to substitute for rubbish. And they are all making some companies very very rich


26/10/2011 20:57
With it's single core and 720p video recording it's already out of date. Nokia used to be the best, now they are just a joke.
27/10/2011 12:11

You can buy a phone/text **** camera @ Tesco for about 35 quid and pay as you go. I did three years ago and I have only spent less than 60 quid on calls including overseas texts/calls. But then I do not trail around a supermarket with a phone stuck to my ear saying inane things like: " I'm at the cheese counter, what type do you want?" Make a list beforehand you ninnies.


Nor do I make a point on train journeys to start speaking in a megaloud voice to some supposed colleague at the other end " Oh, but I told him we should chase the Avery Hardol account LAST WEEK" - as if what you have to say can't wait until tomorrow at 8.30am when you see them again.


How do I manage that? Easy. I have an unlimited email account, and use that whenever possible - like now, ferrinstanz.


People who transgress as above are just rude and ignorant and should be put down whenever they try it on near you.

27/10/2011 13:31

I must confess that Carl Zeiss do quality lenses and not just for cameras in mobiles. They pretty much do lenses for everything from space stuff to what goes in spectacles.


However, I already have a pretty brilliant phone that does more than enough... *cough*S2*cough*


I actually  still refuse to take out my phone unless it rings, but i see so many people outside who are just on their mobile doing whatever it is they`re doing, staring at it. The world is just people staring at their mobiles. I just wonder if we`re missing something important here. ... Its a bit scary.

27/10/2011 15:33
Looks ace , really smart . Bet it's expensive though !Smile
27/10/2011 14:25

Right On Alex.....Why do we need them....All they are consumerism gone mad....Most are overpriced, most are far ,far ,far complicated for most poseurs to use. 

 All I need is a cheap cheap mobile that goes ring ring and a 100 character text screen


. You really have got to laugh at those with a sense of over 

 fiddling with their little world..

.Save the Planet...Don't buy the shiny things.

 99.99999% of you will never use all the available  functions .Buy cheap and reliable

27/10/2011 16:52

I own a HTC HD7 Windows Phone having ditched my iphone when my contract came up for renewal. I think it is excellent.


 I just wasn't prepared to pay £200 on top of a £35 a month contract for an Apple product when there are were better value products on the market, doing pretty much the same type of thing, available at no cost (contract excluded).


I opted for the Windows Phone over Android for 2 reasons, I loved the  fantastically responsive simple to use  UI (and Android appeared to be a mess to me) and I wanted a phone with a large display (4.2in)


I think the Nokia Lumia looks really smart. I can only suggest to those interested that they get  hold of one when they are released, try it out and see for themselves.

28/10/2011 00:29
What is this review forgetting?..... PRICE!!!! 
27/10/2011 14:03
I use my smartphone to read books, so I am one of the guilty 'nose in my fone' people. It's not just kids that use these phones... I can't wait to look at this Nokia properly if it measures up I'll definitely consider it for my next contract... Smile
27/10/2011 12:54
myself a true confesed fan of Nokia...i still have my oldest early editions, so reliable & working beautifully if i may say so....like the look of the lumia....simplicity is always best,too much is a disater eventually!
03/11/2011 17:42

I've been a Nokia user user for about 15 years & always been highly satisfied until i got the N8, i hate it. I upgraded in March this year & i really wish i had not bothered. I have had nothing but trouble with it, its been back twice & has to go back yet again. This phone is that b---dy smart it doesn't know how to work.   

27/10/2011 23:37
all this talk of i-phone and nokia..;] i still use two paper cups and a piece of string.it works for me ,oh and it pay as you go..]
27/10/2011 19:32
LIKE IT, Looks slick and being a Nokia you know it's going to work.
27/10/2011 19:35
Looks sexy, but i wont be trading my n8 for one, the camera is a downgrade,inviting windows blue screens is stupid,symbian works, always has, and as to android and iphones, do they actualy make phone calls? thats what the name implies they should,but ???  The apps are available regardles of platform in some form.Have always chosen nokias on the quality of build, reliability, and have never been without signal when others have.Hope this new one does well, but seriously, when you put a 12 megapixel camera in your flagship phone, you dont downgrade to 8 on your next supposed flagship phone.To me the camera is the second most important item on a phone,it saves me having to carry a separate one in another pocket,they should be looking at 15 megapixel plus.I think they just got lazy,as the n8s 12 megapixel was never outdone by another maker.
02/11/2011 12:13

A former loyal Nokia user who changed after a nightmare time with the N97 which is possibly the worst phone to have ever existed. 


I recently changed to a Samsung Omnia 7 with windows phone operating system which I love.  My son has iPhone and I much prefer the interface on the Windows Phone.  


Not sure I will rush out and get the Nokia but they might tempt me back if they improve the camera.


just don't want an android phone . i like nokia phone's nver had a problem with any of mine so might go for one of these when contract is up. but do i want a windows phone!!!!!!!!!!!
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