Updated: 22/05/2013 13:16 | By pocket-lint.com

Google Chrome adds Conversational Search with latest update

Google Chrome adds Conversational Search with latest update

One of the new software features highlighted at Google I/O was Conversational Search in Google Chrome. Now it has arrived with an update to the web browser that can be downloaded afresh for those who don't generally use Chrome, or as an update through the update manager.

Once version 27 is installed, when you visit the Google search page, you will see a microphone appear in the search bar. Click on that and you can request your search using vocal commands. What's extra special about conversational search though, is that you can follow up initial requests with relevant additional questions without the need to repeat yourself.

For example, if you were to ask "what team plays at Upton Park?", you could follow that up with "when did they last win something?" without having to mention the name of the team again. The engine understands the context.

As the service has only recently gone live, it is suffering some bugs due to, we expect, overload. It occasionally states that there is "no internet connection". Just persevere and it will soon work.

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