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Bowers & Wilkins announces P7 over-ear headphones

Bowers & Wilkins announces P7 over-ear headphones

Bowers & Wilkins has announced the company's first pair of headphones to fit over the ear, rather than on the inside.

The Bowers & Wilkins P7 headphones will sit at the top of the British audio specialist's range and are similar in style to the P5 and P3 sets.

The cushioned ear cups are encased in soft leather to provide natural noise isolation, removing the need for the active noise cancellation feature found in the P5 and P3 sets.

The P7 headphones sport a detachable cable with a remote control and microphone for smartphone hook-up, although no specific model has been mentioned yet.

Their design includes brushed aluminium and steel, as well as diaphragms that work more like those in conventional hi-fi speaker as oppose to headphones.

In addition, their aluminium/copper compound voice coils reduce weight and allow them to move more freely, meaning they feature higher frequency dynamics.

You can pick up the Bowers & Wilkins P7's this month for £239.99 in the UK and $399.99 in the US.

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