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Videogames have no negative impact on children’s behaviour or emotions, according to UK study

Videogames have no negative impact on children’s behaviour or emotions, according to UK study

It's not long until the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles are launched in the UK, and with that videogaming has drawn more attention by mainstream media than usual.

Although in this case, a positive outcome has been the result after a huge study analysed the effects of video games on young children.

Over 11,000 youngsters were studied by the University of Glasgow to find out whether they were adversely affected by television or games.

The study found that a slight increase in behavioural change appeared in children ages five to seven who watch TV for three hours or more a day, but when it came to video games, the same conclusions weren't drawn.

In fact, exposure to video games resulted in no effect on behaviour, attention, or emotional issues according to the study. In addition, the University's study found there was no difference in results between boys and girls.

The study has been described as groundbreaking because rather than being conducted by research teams in North America and setting its focus on television watching, this survey asked whether exposure to TV or electronic games from the age of five caused behavioural or emotional troubles later.

The study pool looked at 13,000 families and used mothers in a huge millennial survey to track behaviour over time.

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