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Internet service providers agree to send out alert letters to pirates

Internet service providers agree to send out alert letters to pirates

UK internet service providers have reportedly agreed to send anti-piracy letters to suspect offenders. However, the deal is not quite what the BPI and Motion Picture Association both hoped for.

The BBC claims that it has seen documentary evidence of an agreement between Virgin Media, Sky, BT, TalkTalk and the music and movie associations. It states that while both bodies wanted the letters to be more threatening in nature and subsequent access to pirates' account data, neither have made the final draft.

Instead, alert letters will be educational in tone, "promoting an increase in awareness" of legal alternatives to pirated content. There will be no further action taken after four alerts have been sent out.

The bodies have agreed to pay £750,000 towards each service provider to cover set-up costs, or 75 per cent of the total costs, whichever is smaller. A further £75,000 (or 75 per cent) will be paid each year to cover ongoing administration of the scheme.

Other ISPs willalso take part in the scheme at a later date.

The deal still needs to be approved by the Information Commissioner's Office as it involves the collection of data about customers. If successful, letters will start to be sent out in 2015.

A limit of 2.5 million alerts between the four ISPs will be permitted and details on who has been sent an alert is allowed to be kept on file for up to a year.

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