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Say goodbye to bad breath

Bad Breath Odour Tester from Play.com

Bad Breath Odour Tester from Play.com (© Rakuten’s Play.com)

Play.com has launched a new gadget which they claim can assess the quality of your breath.

It works through an ultra-sensitive gas sensor which reads how bad your breath is, and gives you a rating of zero to four: zero being very good and four being very bad.

Play.com say that all you need to do is breath into the tester and in 10 seconds a cartoon face and digital scale displays your results.

We all dread morning breath but whether this little gadget is really necessary if you have a good oral hygiene routine - ie brushing your teeth twice a day and using mouthwash - we can't confirm.

Alternatively, you could just try not breathing in someone's face when you've just eaten garlic, chewing gum regularly and checking your breath by breathing into your hands.

Though if people start backing away when you're talking, we recommend seeing a dentist: it could be halitosis.

Bad Breath Odour Tester from Play.com, £19.99

Would you use one of these to monitor your breath? Talk about it in our comments section below.

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