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30/08/2011 18:39 | By Emma Boyes, contributor, MSN Tech & Gadgets
Science fiction into science fact

Flying cars

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We've seen them in The Fifth Element, in Blade Runner and in what feels like a thousand other science fiction films. But here we are, past the sci-fi landmark of 1984, even past 2001, and still very much grounded when it comes to our motor vehicles.

However, we could be on the verge of it happening, as several people are claiming that they've - theoretically at least - designed working flying cars.

Probably the most promising of all the projects in development is the Transition, developed by US company Terrafugia. They call it a 'personal air vehicle' and it can transform, very un-Transformers style, in 30 seconds from plane to car and back again. The MIT graduates behind Transition intend to start selling them as early as next year for $279,000 a pop and, apparently, already have 100 people who have placed deposits on one.

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