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Bestselling mobile phones on Ciao

If you're looking to upgrade your mobile in 2012, it's worth checking out what the bestselling mobiles are on before you part with your cash.

From the Apple iPhone 4S to the HTC Desire HD, here are the most sought-after mobile phones and why they continue to make the grade, according to users.

Apple iPhone 4S (© Image © Ciao)

1. Apple iPhone 4S

Unsurprisingly, the Apple iPhone 4S continues to reign as most popular mobile device on The 16GB model is the most popular, probably due to its price, but the 32GB device is still not far behind in the charts. With cool new features such as the intelligent personal assistant named Siri, a dual-core A5 chip and an eight- megapixel camera, the iPhone 4S is one of the hottest smartphones around. As well as being the bestselling mobile, the iPhone 4S is also the top-rated device on With "brand new features, which are incredibly advanced and an amazing camera", according to one user, this mobile device is "a triumph from Apple".
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Samsung Galaxy S II (© Image © Ciao)

2. Samsung Galaxy S II
The Apple iPhone may be the bestselling mobile but the Samsung Galaxy S II is not far behind. As the first phone to offer Samsung's Super Amoled Plus screen technology, the latest Android technology and an eight-megapixel camera, the Samsung Galaxy S II has accrued quite a following. Users love the beautiful design, larger viewing 4.3-inch screen and performance, while the industry has been singing the Samsung Galaxy S II's praises as it was voted mobile of the year at the 2011 Stuff Awards. With comments such as: "Overall, I would genuinely say that this is the best phone that I have used so far in terms of specification, performance and looks" and "Just to sum up this phone is awesome! Go Samsung!", the Galaxy S II is a fantastic alternative to the Apple iPhone 4S.
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HTC Wildfire S (© Image © Ciao)

3. HTC Wildfire S

Small, light and packed full of apps, the HTC Wildfire S offers a speedy browsing experience making it fantastic for searching the internet on the move. The newer version of the much loved HTC Wildfire S is also "a massive upgrade from standard wildfire", according to one user. If you're looking for your first smartphone or a device with a no-fuss approach, this "awesome phone with a great amount of technology crammed into a small space," as one user puts it, "is very well-built and gives you a sense of robustness in contrast to many other brands".
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Nokia C300 (© Image © Ciao)

4. Nokia C3-00

Available in a range of eye-catching colours, including hot pink, the Nokia C3-00 offers a range of fantastic applications, excellent battery life and is tough enough. Whether you want to message your friends or keep in touch via social networks, the Nokia C3-00 is a great choice of budget smartphone. If you're not a fan of touchscreen, the layout of a superslim design plus QWERTY keyboard will suit you down to a tee. This nifty device with "amazing battery life" also happens to "look like a BlackBerry", so says one of's users. And if you need any more convincing, another user says it is: "So intuitive to use with great battery life, excellent value for money and BIG on features."
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Motorola RAZR (© Image © Ciao)

5. Motorola RAZR

Offering a powerful dual-core processor, Android market, eight-megapixel camera and more, the Motorola RAZR
is a fantastic choice. If you're after a super-thin mobile that lets you stream content from your PC to your pocket and watch flicks on-the-go, then the Motorola RAZR is definitely worth considering. Another great feature to note is the durability of the RAZR: "The phone is also very durable as it's had a few bumps with concrete, tiled floor and pub floor with little or no damage," says one Ciao user. Take heed from this user's piece of advice: "To anyone who would consider buying a phone for looks and good build quality, this is the phone to consider."
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Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 (© Image © Ciao)

6. Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830

Stylish, functional and packed full of the latest in mobile features, the Samsung Galaxy Ace enables you to connect easily to your friends and the internet. As well as offering access to a vast range of applications, you can use SWYPE to swiftly reply to your messages. Completely reliable and with a longlasting battery, the Samsung Galaxy Ace is what one user describes as: "Everything I need and I really think that the majority of phone users would also find it very good." If you're looking to upgrade your mobile but don't want to spend a fortune, according to one user, the Galaxy Ace is: "A fantastic phone for the price that I'd recommend without hesitation."
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BlackBerry Curve 8900 (© Image © Ciao)

7. BlackBerry Curve 8900

There are always some who stay loyal to BlackBerry and when you consider the features hosted by the BlackBerry Curve 8900, you can see why. The sleek design, ease of use and well-integrated social media coupled with a well-sized screen make the BlackBerry Curve 8900 a great choice for fans of keyboards. One user commented that the "Blackberry Curve - changed my life. (or at least made me lazier)", thanks to it being good for everything.
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HTC Sensation (© Image © Ciao)

8. HTC Sensation

The HTC Sensation features a superbly intuitive interface, dual-core processor and a mighty 4.3-inch screen. Powerful and very fast, this multi-tasking phone will allow you to do more than one thing at a time. One user describes the HTC Sensation as an: "Excellent all round smart phone, wide range of features good quality apps and rich presentation." If you're looking for another option, consider the HTC Sensation. "I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with the HTC Sensation and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a high quality smart phone that can do it all as well as being easy to use," says one user.
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HTC Desire HD (© Image © Ciao)

9. HTC Desire HD

HTC has proven to be a popular brand as its the third and final entry to our list of bestselling mobiles. The HTC Desire HD has a super-fast 1GHz processor so you can access the web in seconds. Add to this a range of handy shortcuts, crystal-clear screen, excellent video and eight- megapixel camera and the HTC Desire HD becomes a pretty desirable smartphone. "I would definitely recommend this phone to gadget-lovers who like to stay up to date with the latest technology. It looks amazing, performs excellently and packs in every feature imaginable," says one user.
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