20/09/2011 16:54 | By Duncan Jefferies, contributor, MSN Tech & Gadgets
The new planking? Plumbking and other Facebook crazes


Owling (© Gee Willi)
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Owling is probably the most popular 'ing' trend after planking itself, with celebrities like Katie Price and Hilary Duff all lining up to impersonate the wisest bird of all. Striking an owling pose is simple (and relatively safe compared to some of the other trends on our list). Simply find a nice perch - a chair or table should suffice (though more unusual objects or areas will get you extra kudos) - and crouch down on your haunches in a bird-like fashion. Oh, and don't forget to stare blankly into the middle-distance while you're posing. Funnily enough, most celebrities seem to nail that bit first time...

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