20/09/2011 16:54 | By Duncan Jefferies, contributor, MSN Tech & Gadgets
The new planking? Plumbking and other Facebook crazes


Plumbking (© Plankinglol.com)
  • Plumbking (© Plankinglol.com)
  • Planking (© Marco Derksen)
  • Owling (© Gee Willi)
  • Teapotting (© MSN)
  • Horsemanning (© Juanjo Bazán)
  • Batmanning (© ShaneRounce.com)
  • Scarecrowing (© MSN)
  • Trunking (© BT/Facebook)
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Some people will do anything for attention - even stick their head down a toilet. For fans of a new internet craze called 'plumbking', using your hair as a bog brush is a perfectly fine way to pass the time. These U-bend adventurers even like to have their picture taken while they're at it, sharing the image with the rest of the world in the hope of inspiring more people to do the same.

The craze is in fact the latest in a number of bizarre photo fads that have sprung up across social networking sites, as they all aspire to be the new planking. Keep clicking to take a look at some of the most bizarre Facebook crazes out there.

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