29/08/2012 13:00 | By Matt Farrington-Smith, editor, MSN Tech & Gadgets
The social networks YOU can't join

Members only

A view of an exclusive aircraft. (© ELISABETH CAREN/AP)
  • A view of an exclusive aircraft. (© ELISABETH CAREN/AP)
  • Best of All Worlds (© http://www.bestofallworlds.com/)
  • A Small World (© http://www.asmallworld.net/)
  • BeautifulPeople (© BeautifulPeople.com)
  • Affluence.org (© Affluence.org)
  • Quintessentially Lifestyle (© http://www.quintessentially.com/)
  • Angels' Circle (© http://www.angelscircle.com/)
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Invite only: exclusive social networks for the well-connected and glamorously rich and famous

If you look hard enough you'll be able to find social networks for almost any walk of life and to suit every extravagance. Take for example the new website 'Best of All Worlds' - it promises its members a chance to rub shoulders with likeminded entrepreneurs, creative types, thinkers and influencers from around the world.

We take a look at this and a few other hallowed social networks that pride themselves on the principle - if your name isn't down you're not coming in. Don't worry, there's always Facebook, Twitter and Myspace for those of us not lucky enough to fulfill the selective membership criteria...

29/08/2012 15:32
If all these people are so beautiful you have to ask the question why are they all single, is it because they are extremely picky when it comes to finding a suitable partner or is it they are so ugly on the inside they can never make a romance work..
29/08/2012 15:43
as groucho marx said: i wouldn"t join any club that would have me as a member.
29/08/2012 17:24
I like the idea of keeping all the successful, wealthy, well connected & "attractive" people in one place...it would make dropping a bomb on them straightforward.
29/08/2012 16:19
I seem to remember that a little while ago one of these sites turned out to be an escort service providing very expensive hookers for the well off business man.  One of the Russian gymnasts was available through it, plus a few others.
29/08/2012 15:28
Anti-social is a very British word. everyone can do what they want, if the website has subscribers and is legal, who cares, let them be. Anti-social behavior? what does that mean anyway?
29/08/2012 18:35
Time wasted could have been better spent creating just one site for them all, eg. **** s . c o m
29/08/2012 22:50
ALready a member of the best socal networking group known -- The world outside
29/08/2012 22:13
back to the bible then .quote its easier for a rich man to go through the eye of an needle than to enter the kingdom of heaven . changes the selective membership criteria . The best people ive met money had nothing to do with it . let them get on with it we all know who we value ,
29/08/2012 21:16
29/08/2012 21:18
So basically sites for people with more money than braincells.  Think Phil Leas comment of a Groucho Marx quote summed it up
29/08/2012 23:58
And can MSN please for all that is good REMOVE THE DATING SPAM POSTS !!!
29/08/2012 23:14
Oh dear.... is this news?

It'll only be a matter of time before some screwball lefty cries foul because he/she can't join up, and there'll be a big lawsuit....
16/07/2014 12:42
Hi I have best of all world invites. Pls drop me an email on vyousaf@ymail.com
12/10/2013 16:08
Hi, I have a few invites to Best of All Worlds, for those who would like to join. For queries, isenbergbb@gmail.com
11/01/2013 07:40
I have invites to both aSmallWorld and Best of All Worlds for those looking to join these exclusive invite only social networks. drop me a mail on nadeemxdurrani@gmail.com
05/01/2013 16:10
For those who havent heard, the Founder of aSmallWorld has launched a new invite only social network called Best of All Worlds aka BoAW. I have 10 or so invites if someone wants to join. Also have invites to aSmallWorld. Drop me a line on nadeemxdurrani@gmail.com.
29/08/2012 21:29
bunch of cupid stunts entrepreneurs etc more like!
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