Unfollowing is worse than never following at all

Roy Clymo investigates Lewis Hamilton's and Jenson Button's Twitter feud.

By Matt F-Smith 08/10/2012 12:49

Lewis Hamilton - Image PA
So Lewis Hamilton has been left with egg on his face after a Twitter spat at the weekend, one which saw the F1 driver dissing his McLaren team-mate Jenson Button then trying to quickly patch things up using cool street slang.


Hamilton wrote: "Just noticed @jensonbutton unfollowed, thats a shame. After 3 years as teammates, I thought we respected one another but clearly he doesn't.


And followed it up with: "Funny thing is, we are STILL teammates! All good tho, I plan on giving this team & fans all I got til I cross the finish line in brazil!!!"


"My bad, just found out Jenson never followed me"


Embarrassingly, however, it turns out that Button had never followed Hamilton’s Twitter account in the first place, leaving a rather sheepish Lewis to Tweet "My bad, just found out Jenson never followed me. Don't blame him! Need to be on Twitter more!"


Unfortunately for Hamilton, the online bitch-fest got underway before he’d checked his facts, which is arguably rather difficult when you have well over 1-million followers. Instead, poor old Lewis apparently got the tip-off from a journalist’s Tweet, which just goes to show you can never trust a hack from the media.


"the ultimate cardinal sin when it comes to netiquette"


Tut tut Lewis. Hamilton may well be leaving the McLaren camp for Mercedes at the end of the year, but putting your foot in it publicly and in front of a million or so followers is akin to committing the ultimate cardinal sin when it comes to netiquette.


And, coming at a time when his racing career is in neutral rather than top gear, perhaps the 27-year-old could do with some lessons in how to make friends rather than enemies when dipping into his social networking interests.


Even more so when it appears his ego is more substantial than his driving prowess at present. Hamilton’s a repeat offender too, having tweeted everything from sensitive race car data through to dodgy song lyrics in the past.


"Sometimes, Lewis, it’s just better to say nothing at all…"


Hamilton had another patchy race at the Japanese grand prix at the weekend. So, topping it off with tetchy Tweets targeted at his team-mate is likely to produce a frosty atmosphere in the pits during next week’s Korean leg of the F1 series.


Sometimes, Lewis, it’s just better to say nothing at all…


Rob Clymo is editor of Digital Photography Enthusiast Magazine, travel writer, and MSN Tech & Gadgets columnist. Follow Rob on Twitter @theclymobrief

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