17/07/2012 11:01 | By Adam Hartley, contributor, MSN Tech & Gadgets
Top movie streamers: NOW TV versus the rest

Top movie streamers: NOW TV versus the rest

Sky's NOW TV on an LG TV. (© Sky)
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Sky has announced its move into the growing movies-on-demand market this week, with the launch of NOW TV today, offering British movie buffs the tantalising option of instant pay-as-you-go access to a huge library of great flicks. What's more, Sky is also promising to roll out exclusive TV, entertainment and sports content via NOW TV later in 2012, in order to snagmore PAYG punters, in addition to the millions of pay-monthly TV subscribersthe company already serves.

NOW TV is an important strategic move for the British broadcaster, with Sky now going head-to-head with the current crop of movie-streaming services such as Netflix and LoveFilm.

However, there are many other similar services on offer, so how does the ardent cinephile choose which one to use to stream his or her favourite flicks to their smart TV, laptop, tablet or smartphone? To help you choose the best option for instant movie streaming, we have rounded up the top six movie streaming services available to Brits today, comparing each like for like in terms of the cost, the amount of movies they have on offer, the quality and ease-of-use of the service and the number of different devices they work on.

17/07/2012 16:48

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17/07/2012 18:41
There's a reason Netflix is £5.99 a month. You have to sift through thousands of 90's movies you probably own on VHS to find anything remotely interesting.
17/07/2012 18:37
23/07/2012 21:51
No iTunes, No Xbox / Zune Video, No Sony Ent, No Google Play.... Pretty sure they would be bigger than HMV and Knowhow. Looks like someone wrote this as a bit of a rush job.
17/07/2012 18:38
and the other 2 were complaining about it.
31/07/2012 11:07

Love film streaming service is pretty bad; they very rarely update their movies, especially on the Xbox 360. Recently added section having the same movies for over three week. Not only that, it seems to me, that there are a limited number of movies of the 360 with movies being taken off periodically.


Their website hosts all the movies (5000 was it) but if I was to guess I would say about 3000 of them were made between the 1920's and 1970's. The sheer volume of absolute embarrassments to the movie industry on that website is a disgrace.


I searched through for 1 whole hour only to give up, since there was nothing worth watching.


23/07/2012 09:33
What? Microsoft's Zune is not included in this review? I was hoping to see how it faired agenst these options.
17/07/2012 22:38
And so in conclusion..??? Come on don't laeve me hanging, which is most recommended...
25/07/2012 18:56
I have netflix and its good but compared to the content the US gets its unfairly priced. Netflix is the same as Lovefilm in the US, they send out physical DVD's etc over there but only introduced their services to the UK online streaming in Janurary 2012.

You can get the US content of Netflix on your PC by downloading something called spotflux. Once enabled this reroutes your DNS through a US server and when you log into Netflix it thinks you are surfing in the US, and as the content of Netflix is based on where you are in the world, you will now have access to the US version with many more TV shows and films that the UK couterpart. And you can always switch back to the UK version by disabling spotflux.

To get US netflix on the PS3/XBOX/IPAD/IPHONE etc its a case of changing your DNS to a US DNS. There are services that let you use their DNS for free trials, just google "us dns for ps3" and you'll see unblockUS where you can get a 7 day free trial just by entering your email address and use their DNS for 7 days for free. When that runs out there are other DNS services available its just a case of finding one that lets you use it all the time, so experiment. Its completely legal as you are still paying for your content but you are just telling netflix you are in the US at the time. And if you were to go on holiday in the US you would get this content anyway.

As for Lovefilm, they have more up to date movies to offer but their online streaming has more limited content and a worse layout than netflix which is easier to use. Do what I did and complain after you have signed up, threaten to leave and they will usually try and keep you signed up. I asked about the game service they offer and threatened to leave, they offered me their games package for £11 per month but free for 2 months and all I Had to do was top up the 4.99 I paid by 6 quid and then I pay nothing for the next 2 months. Now I can rent 2 discs at a time, games and movies ie 2 games or 2 movies or 1 game and a movie, free postage to return and no contract. Ive ordered uncharted 3 and dc vs mortal kombat, sent them back after completing them and now I have batman arkham city and uncharted 2 arrive today, you can keep them as long as you like and when you post them back theyll send out another 2 discs you have on your list. Meaning I can rent loads of games and movies over the next  3 months and stream their services and ive only paid 11 quid! Plus I can still cancel in Oct when my offer is due to end. If you can get them to offer you a deal like I got it's well worth it!

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