09/11/2011 14:24 | By Verity Burns, editor, MSN Tech & Gadgets
Top tablets coming soon

HTC Jetstream

HTC Jetstream (© HTC)
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Following on the from the seven-inch Flyer earlier this year, HTC has released a more 'standard' sized tablet in the US, with a 10.1-inch screen. Packing a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, it's the fastest Android tablet on the market in terms of pure processor power, and doesn't disappoint elsewhere either. It offers an eight-megapixel camera, solid brushed aluminium back and Android Honeycomb - something sorely missing from the Flyer.

Unfortunately we're still waiting for a UK release date, and while we do, keeping our fingers crossed for a more sensible price than the Flyer had.

Expected: TBC

13/11/2011 14:02

Nobody has the best tablet, because the best is still being built !

Everything you buy is outdated, because a better 1 is already in production....

23/01/2012 15:55
And we can bet that the price will be over - inflated in the UK too.
16/11/2011 10:39
to wobbly59: That's why your purchase decision should not be based on just wanting the best and latest because you will be left wanting! Go with what works for YOU! everytime.  There are no limits with technology advancement these days so the consumer is in a mind field. However, dont lose your mind over technology there is no advantage in you having the best if the best isnt for you.
09/11/2011 22:54

technology changes quicker than u change your pants who gives if your model tablet is the latest design as long as the one you have got works


14/12/2011 20:18
If you really want one just buy one and stop comparing these toys, they all have the same functions and do the job. Its very unnecessary spending exorbitantly on this stuff ,as a fact  a large screen phone does pretty much the same job as these tablets
29/11/2011 13:33
The best gadget is yet to come and it will never come to life. What is best and newest to some people today will be obsolete, old and outdated to many people tomorrow as technological innovations moves very fast than any other innovations on earth today hence the best gadget is always in the production and will never come to life.
13/12/2011 21:32

for me all the tablets are the same made in china and the same copied operating system

like milk in your tea or without


21/01/2012 20:32
Shame - I was hoping the latest tablets released would be running Android Ice cream sandwich, it's such a leap forward. I guess I'll just have to wait ...
07/12/2011 19:45
the iPad is'nt even the fastest by quite a way it has a 1GHZ processor
07/03/2012 23:25

How can you have a "Top Tablets Coming soon" without mentioning both offering from Asus??


They are by far the best tablets android can offer and the new models give ipad a good run for its money....



09/11/2011 18:48
can't wait for the kindle fire but i won't wait 2 years- if amazon don't get this out in the UK within the next 6 months i'll invest in a different product!
18/05/2012 11:37

Seriously most of these are just overpriced, you can get a tablet of the equivalent specs for half the price, the only difference is that you won’t have your 'Sony', 'Samsung' or 'HTC' logos on.

13/11/2011 13:10
Like i said it can't be worse than these poxy chinese tablets and phones on ebay,the ones with 1/4 of the processing  power and memory stated in their ebay listings.
12/12/2011 06:50

@Roly P

Just FYI, Hannspree are NOT German, they are based in Taiwan...

Happy to be of service :)

05/04/2012 14:33
I hope the new tablets will be more like a laptops os not android I was disappointed when I opened my iPad2 and found NO FLASH PLAYER I mean come on a simple flash player and no full wlm so I'm going to wait afew years before I buy a tablet again...
13/12/2011 20:51

Is this tablet going to be avalable with windows operating system?????


21/12/2011 19:47
Hi lyn I bought the archos g9 8inch for myself and I love it I am sure your daughter will too I paid £199 good value.
17/12/2011 17:57

i got the g9 for my daughter for xmas. it was 199 pound from currys and was the last 1 in stock, although its only the 8 inch 1.Got to say though for the money its very impressive, higher than average resolution and runs fast on games and net with a fast cpu. flash enabled wifi and3g built in.

10 out of 10 indeed. u dont pay for much u want on 3.2 honeycomb


07/12/2011 19:41
no it's not, the Archos 101 G9 has a 1.5GHZ omap4 Texas Instruments processor (see my posting on the Archos page of these reviews)
09/11/2011 18:02
I love the idea of this and desperately want one. When's it comin' out.
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