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17/09/2013 14:00

GTA V to cause 'inordinate amount of sick days'

Thousands expected to call in sick in order to play new game

People buying GTA V (© PA)

It’s GTA V launch day! And, for a number of people, that means it’s a sick day too. The Metro states that, “Britain is set for an inordinate amount of sick days today,” and the Telegraph says, “thousands of gamers are expected to contract Grand Theft Auto flu.” polled 11,000 gamers to see if they would be skipping work to get their GTA V game on. A forward thinking 46% said they had booked the day off but 19% said they would be pulling a sickie.

GTA V went on sale at midnight. Experts estimate it could generate £1 billion during its first year on sale when gamers are predicted to snap up some 25 million copies - breaking current game sale records.

Check out our comprehensive GTA V review to see what all the fuss is about.

And let us know if you have a case of 'Grand Theft Auto flu' by leaving a comment below.

As usual, I'll be waiting for it to hit the bargain bin for £5.99. It'll still be new to me.
17/09/2013 16:28

I think it's fair to say that for the most part, those that will be pulling a sickie will be from lower responsibility jobs and that's entirely their prerogative. They should only be scrutinised if they're deliberately taking time off from a job where people are dependant on them. I've actually been sat in work feeling ill all day but that was my choice and I hope all those who bunked off thoroughly enjoyed their day playing what looks to be a classic game.

As for all the age bashing - I'm 36 and I still love playing games, it doesn't have to be kids/students or the jobless, and if it's something you've looked forward to enough then what's wrong with queuing up at midnight to get your hands on it as soon as you can? Seriously... if anyone has issues with this they need to take a look at their own lives to see why they're so unhappy with them.

Personally I ordered my copy from Amazon so it was here when I got home. Not played it yet and might not even do so tonight or this week but I know it's there for when I get the chance and I'm happy with that.

17/09/2013 15:05

I've pre-ordered my copy and won't be picking it up until Saturday (perhaps Friday evening), I think that I can wait!


I don't understand why they release these games mid-week, do it on Fiday evening of Saturday. 

I'm all for playing games. I'm also in agreement for taking a well-earned day off to rest and play a game. But you'll never catch me posting FB status updates about it, like it's something that's going to boost my social status or something, or taking a picture of my copy to prove I own it. That sh*t is on the same level as people who take pictures of their dinner and upload it to instagram. 
17/09/2013 14:46
Everyone has done it at some point weather it be to see a film on the day of release or if England are playing before work finishes, but what you have got to do is take a long hard look at yourself if you are over 16 and say " Really? its a computer game it can wait". BTW the guy in the photo? Really lol
17/09/2013 17:08
i don't see why people are whinging about a 19% poss of people taking a sickie that would aquate to a very very small amount. I queed for about 2 hrs and im 54 bin a gamer for over 30 yrs. gaming is a multi billion dollar business my only complaint to the producers of games is stop taking to long im not getting any younger lol
I paid £38 from Tesco's this morning. All I can say is it's an absolute bargain. I can never usually play games for more than 2 hours at a time but I have been on GTA for 4 hours and could easily do another 4 if I had the time.
17/09/2013 20:04
Picked up my copy from Asda £39.97 no queue's. 
18/09/2013 02:40
with the amount of work people do these days and the way people get treated at work both retail and other companies world wide, i think it's only fare that people get some sick days off. After all, if MP's and bankers are allowed 7 months off with full pay (couple million) and do very little at work apart from destroying the country, i think it's only fare other people get some time off too, after all we are all in this together....remember

no matter how hard we work at work, the country will always be sh*t for everyone, so enjoy some time off. I was lucky to be off anyway today, sadly i'm working tomorrow, but it's a night shift, so all is not that bad for me :D

18/09/2013 08:54
I preordered the game off of amazon, rather disappointed it wont be here till saturday!!! But then again, im not prepared to go to game or asda at 12:00 to get it. As far as taking a day off to play it? I envy those who have - didnt think of it myself. Suppose that's just as i can wait.. :)
17/09/2013 22:17
Went to game store today, traded in 2 games & a Bluray, got GTA 5 for 25 pounds - should have been 44.99. No Q no fuss.
17/09/2013 16:53

Wish i'd had the foresight to book it off, but need my holiday days this year (unusually I struggle to take them all??)

I still think pulling a sickie is a bit low (unless you have a low sick day count of course).

I agree with others on personal preference for days off, but morally faking a sick days are bad for everyone on a fundamental level, its not as if the date wasn't known about well in advance for people to book who really wanted it.

...but not as bad as a lot of other 'sins' though :P


...I hope the non-sinners enjoy their games, and the sinners get bored quick :)

17/09/2013 21:39
I cant wait till it comes out on PC :)
17/09/2013 16:20

Lucky for some, if i dont work i dont get paid, no holiday pay for me so i dont have the luxury of being able to call in sick and sit and play all day.

17/09/2013 18:04
Its a good game but taking time off work is irresponsible and imature, A lot of people are holding out for the pc version, I am tempted to buy a console but I can just watch video footage for now, Dont let it take over your life.
17/09/2013 15:51
there wouldnt be so many sick days if there was no full sick pay in public sector
17/09/2013 21:04
17/09/2013 21:27
brain dead  fkin idiots, what a bunch of clowns payin that price for a game that costs far less to make.
17/09/2013 15:44

Come on guys...there's more to life than video games. I find it stupid how some people would stand outside in the cold to queue up for a video game, I mean come on, cant you just wait? I don't see the big idea of '' I NEED TO BE THE FIRST PERSON OUT OF MY FRIENDS TO PLAY/OWN THIS GAME '' when in reality after 2 - 3 days of playing the game they're bored, and the long wait feels unnecessary.

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