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24/04/2013 18:30

New Xbox coming - 21 May

#XboxReveal invite sent to media

Xbox Reveal invite (© Microsoft)

Need we say more? Probably not - we think the invite speaks for itself.

What we will say is that the 21 May date for the 'New Generation' Xbox event comes just a couple of weeks before the big E3 games expo in LA. MSN Tech will be reporting live from E3, so we should be bringing you plenty of juicy next-gen gaming news and views. And don't forget, Sony will be in town as well showing off the new PlayStation 4 as well.

Here's the Twitter hype...

@AceyBongos: Quick note on #XboxReveal timing for my UK and European chums - it'll happen Tuesday May 21st, 6pm UK, 7pm CET. Watch it with your dinner!


@RoboDuke: I hope whoever is hosting the #XboxReveal opens with "Always-online will not be a problem because you'll never want to stop playing."

@braydee89: No mention of "product" or "products". Could #xboxreveal include Xbox Surface and Xbox Mini?

Take a look at MSN Tech's guide to the consoles coming your way in 2013

24/04/2013 21:32
If microsoft implement the need for constant internet connection in order to play and dispose of the 2nd hand game market by making you register the game so it can only be played on your console then im going to give this one a miss.
24/04/2013 18:56
Lets hope they can actually show us a console? Or is that too much to ask?
25/04/2013 01:56

when is xbox gonna take a leaf out of playstations book and stop ripping us off and make live free???


25/04/2013 08:49
Things i hope to see at the unveiling:
1. RROD permanant fix with ALL launch and future consoles.
2. LIVE either heavily discounted or free.
3. Allow the play of 2nd hand games.
4. Allow backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 and possibly Xbox live arcade titles from 360.
5. Not be too expensive (Most i would pay is £300.)
6. Better tech than PS4...

PC will always be my platform, I will get the new Xbox for games that don't come to PC.
24/04/2013 19:11
25/04/2013 08:28
My 2 pence on the always on debate is. WE KNOW NOTHING yet so don't get ahead of yourselves, the 360 has an online aspect already that involves needing to authenticate XBLA games and some DLC if its just the same stuff then its not great for some but at least its no better. The PS4 according to the features is pretty much an always online console as well as PC with steam purchases.
25/04/2013 11:01

Fully agree with the internet connection stuff. I gave up gaming on my PC because of Steam !!!

25/04/2013 12:10
Don't think i will be buying either the 720 or PS4 for a while. None of them would compete with my PC for graphics or power, i only play upto 4 games on my 360 and the ps3 is rarely used at all!

They really should make some kind of emulator so people can choose to use their PC hardware to run the console games even better.

Or even upgradable/ replacement graphic cards for the consoles to avoid the overheating issue that will eventually burn out the onboard chip. Consoles are designed like a laptop - designed for a limited amount of time and when it goes, throw away or get a temp fix.
25/04/2013 11:34
About time...this will finally make Sony get off their asses bring the PS4 out!
24/04/2013 20:50
not worth buying Xbox 720 if it has "always on" connection just to play singler player games. Microsoft have ****ted the new Xbox. Sorry Microsoft, but you lost war and Sony PS4 wins the title!

 Gamers should head over to PS4, great console which allows you to play freely online and offline. Plus backward compatibility offered; graphics, hardware features, sound quality are AMAZING!

So I'm dumping the chances to buy an Xbox 720 and I'm buying Sony PS4 next year or so, which is worth the money and value. Sony promised to deliver the best and they have kept their promise... unlike stupid **** Microsoft and his friend or "so called loser Games Studios Director Adam Orth", who really messed up things!!
24/04/2013 19:48
I care, and I'd pay upto £400 even £450 for it too. got a gaming PC and still prefer to game on my 360. Hope it will let me play Dark souls 2 and GTA5.
24/04/2013 22:10
here it comes sony your going to be shown how to do it,cummon microsoft blw us away
24/04/2013 21:24
Its an Xbox so for me, i'm not interested in it -.-, although, i sure hope Microsoft fixed the millions of problems the consoles had like Red ring of dead and all. I know so many people who bought an Xbox only for it to die very quickly due to your faults. If you where like Sony, your consoles would last 20 years and the chance of it breaking down is very slim -.-

the amount of crap games I have had to play over the last 4-5 years are all down to consoles. get rid & the pc will always win. much more skill needed & as for a controller well you need to stick it were the sun don't shine!!! 

OMG the console is still alive. Will people please stick to pc gaming. The console has & will still hold back gaming. its so the same in all the games.
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