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09/11/2013 11:45 | By Ian Dickson, senior editor, MSN Cars

The remote-control cockroach

Electrode allows you to control a live cockroach's movements using a smartphone

The remote-control coackroach (© Backyard Brains)

A US company has created an electronic ‘backpack’ that fits onto the back of a live cockroach and allows it to be controlled by a smartphone app.

Backyard Brains says the device has been created to get kids interested in neuroscience, but the company faces backlash from anti-cruelty critics.

The product, which launches today, works like this: place a live cockroach in icy water to subdue it, then use sandpaper to remove the waxy coating on the insect’s head. Its antennae are then cut and electrodes inserted. An electronic box fitted to the insect’s back allows users to control its movements using a phone app.

Sounds very humane, doesn’t it?

Backyard Brains is selling complete kits – including live cockroaches – from its website, if you’re the sort of person who liked pulling the wings off flies as a kid.

09/11/2013 12:36
People starving and people homeless. Wonder how much these pratts spent developing this ****tttt. Backyard Brains says the device has been created to get kids interested in neuroscience. Bull****e. Backyard Brains created this device to make money for themselves. Hope they go bust.
09/11/2013 19:15
The future is here! When can we fit these to people?
Oh dear... 

OK, I have spent some time at their website now and have looked at their Ethics Statement and viewed some of their videos.

From a more 'educated' position rather than an 'uneducated knee-jerk' position I now feel that this is meaningful and appropriate.

Don't forget, only a few years ago cosmetic companies were squirting shampoo into the eyes of monkeys to test if would sting the eyes of users...
09/11/2013 14:05
i've got hd ....can i have two....  but not on ios
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