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22/09/2013 10:45

Why sharing a picture with eight people spells trouble...

The gaffe has revealed the perils of sharing 'anything' on the internet, even if you only have eight friends.

Emily Sheffield took this picture of her sister, and PM sleeping (© Emily Sheffield, Instagram)

It began as an innocent photo opportunity to capture the last moments of premarital life, but a brush with social media has turned it into an awkward family photo.

David Cameron's sister-in-law - Emily Sheffield - Instagrammed this candid pic of her sister Alice and shared it with her eight Twitter followers.

When she realised her mistake, she Tweeted: "Ok so I am the idiot today. For the record I had 8 followers when posted, all family and friends, then forgot to remove it #amateur".

It doesn't matter how many friends or followers you have - once you've published something on the internet it is there for all to see. Admittedly you can hide behind your profile by setting it to 'private', both Twitter and Instagram allow you to approve friend requests, but there's nothing stopping those friends from lifting your updates and sharing themselves. If she didn't want something made public, perhaps Emily shouldn't have shared it online in the first place.

We think Emily should have read <this>

22/09/2013 14:19
so what he was only asleep on the bed we all sleep lol
22/09/2013 14:56
I don't personally see the problem here. It's not as if Miss Sheffield posted a picture with Cameron butt naked in the background is it? Though it's hard to believe sometimes, Cameron is only human! Even he needs to sleep.
22/09/2013 13:57
She's got eight more Twitter followers than me  :)
22/09/2013 14:07

Well I'm going to ask what everyone else is thinking, why is she half dressed in the same bedroom as her sister's husband, who just happens to be David Cameron.  Capturing the last moments of premarital life ...hmmmm!!!

22/09/2013 14:40

He has a red box  on the bed with him......are u sure it's premarital?  ;o)

22/09/2013 18:14
22/09/2013 16:23
at least it shows he has some kind of soul...
23/09/2013 10:43
Should you post any photo of someone asleep without their permission
23/09/2013 11:10
22/09/2013 16:59
It just shows that those in high places can be as daft as the rest of us.  If you belong to a high profile family then you don't give ammunition to the press.  I bet her sister had a few words with her over this incidence. She will have to choose her friends more carefully in the future.
23/09/2013 11:34
Oh the shame, the shame! SHOCK HORROR!
Oh for f**k sake! WHO CARES!
In the real scheme of things...
How f**king petty and pitiful is all this...
Is it even news?
NO! It's utter garbage.

22/09/2013 16:22

I suggest you read the article again

Cameron is NOT in the bedroom with his sister-in-Law, it's his wife !!

Article states:   David Cameron's sister-in-law - Emily Sheffield - Instagrammed this candid pic of her sister Alice


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