09/02/2010 16:42 | By Nik Taylor, Tech & Gadgets
The first 3D TVs

Toshiba ZX900 Series Cell TV

tosh cell (© Toshiba)
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Got a burning desire to watch Coronation Street in glorious 3D? Your prayers can soon be answered, thanks to the big sellling point of this Tosh TV: on-the-fly 2D to 3D conversion. Packed into this super-powerful TV are eight core processors and the Cell Broadband Engine used in the PlayStation 3, making it capable of instantly transforming standard 2D pictures into true 3D.

This LCD screen is available in either 55" or 65" sizes and the box that sits alongside it contains a 1TB hard drive and Blu-ray player, as well as offering wireless internet connectivity. Using that, you can watch content direct from the internet, with the set's Net Resolution+ feature scrubbing up picture quality by removing the video noise.

Glasses: active shutter
Launch date: Autumn 2010


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